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solo exhibitions

1981 Tales of Two Cities : comparative study of inner city life in St. Paul’s, Bristol and Belleville in Paris. Bristol Arts Centre, England and Maison des Amandiers cultural centre, Paris, France.

1985 After the Dictators A study on the legacy of the Latin American dictatorships upon the return to democracy.Watershed in Bristol and Chapter in Cardiff.

1987 Voices of freedom a touring display to mark the 15th anniversary of the military coup in Chile, commissioned by Amnesty International.

1990 Songs, Faces and Winds : Photographs from three continents. A retrospective collection. Bolivar Hall, London, and Galería del Notariado gallery in Montevideo, Uruguay.

1991 From a common past to a better future : a major touring display focusing on the legacy of the 500 years of European involvement in the Americas. Sponsored by a consortium of European aid agencies and NGOs.

1992 The Forbidden Rainbow : An exhibition to coincide with the launch of the book published by Serpent’s Tail. Photographers’ Gallery, London.

1992-93 The Four Elements A touring display on environmental issues commissioned by the European Union and a group of European aid agencies. First shown at the EU HQ, Brussels

1999 Retrospective First retrospective exhibition held at the Montevideo Town Hall and then at

the Anglo Cultural Institute in Montevideo, Uruguay. Sponsored by the Visuals Arts Department of the British Council

2000 Voices from the desert Touring display documenting everyday life in the refugee camps of Western Sahara, commissioned by the International Federation of Trade Unions.

2006 Toys Exhibition sponsored by Save the Children to launch the eponymous photo book, published by Mets & Schilt and Pluto Books. Spitz Gallery, London

2008 Childhood, Interrupted Commissioned by War on Want, this touring exhibition reveals the faces of indigenous child labourers in Guatemala

2009 Burmese Days revisited, following Orwell in Burma, at the Frontline Club, London

2010-2011 Toys / The Playing Fields tours Lebanon, sponsored by the British Council and the Embassy of Uruguay. Second edition of 'Toys' launched at UNESCO Palace in Beirut, and in Nicosia, Cyprus.

2013 Chile's 9/11 The struggle against the Pinochet dictatorship in the 1980s, to commemorate 40 years since the coup in Chile, at Amnesty International in London

2014 Burmese Days revisited, following Orwell in Burma, at the Objectif gallery, Singapore.

2018 Toys / The Playing Fields displayed at the International Festival of Poetry and Art, Nicaragua.

2020 Imagining Orwell exhibition at the Rich Mix Arts Centre in London     

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