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the playing fields

Play is precious to children. It is a time for growing and learning or just having fun.The toys children play with tell us much about their lives. Many poorer children can’t take them for granted. They may have to work, or fight a war, or they are refugees on the run.Yet even in the worst situations you find children making do with wonderfully improvised toys made from tin cans, wire or wood, whatever they can lay their hands on.

Toys, the result of more than ten years of travels round the world, with text by Jeremy Seabrook and poetry by Imme Dros, has been published in Dutch and English by Mets & Schilt in Amsterdam, and in German by Editions Braus in Heilderberg. It is distributed by Pluto Books in the UK, Oxfam Intermon in Spain, and by the University of Michigan Press in the USA. The second edition is now out of print but still available online through Amazon

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