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imagining Orwell

Many years, almost to the hour, before the date when I was born, one Eric Arthur Blair - better known as George Orwell - was nearly killed by a bullet from the Fascist lines, as he was fighting with the anarchist brigades on the Republican side on the Aragon front in 1937, during the second year of the Spanish Civil War.

He survived the ordeal and the chaotic times that followed, and went on to write the seminal Homage to Catalonia, a first hand account of his experiences of that brutal conflict.  I have followed his steps by documenting the original locations in Catalonia and Aragon in Spain.

A decade earlier, Orwell spent five years in Burma as an Imperial policeman, which led him to write Burmese Days. I also trailed his story all the way to Katha, in upper Myanmar, where I managed to find many  sites mentioned in the book.

An exhibition of images and excerpts from the book will be shown at the Rich Mix Arts Centre in London from 8 January - 2nd February 2020